Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It is time to commence posting to this blog. You have to begin somewhere.

My beginnings (and I mean as a writer) go back to my teen years. I'd been reading for years, but it wasn't until a cousin loaned me Sword of Shannara that I found the epic fantasy genre. I actually had a box set of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings sitting around, but I hadn't gotten into it. Surprising considering how much I love it now. I devoured the Shannara books and the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant and my destiny was set. I tried my hand in a story about crystal swords, but I wasn't ready.

Fast forward through high school, collage, work, and marriage and we arrive at my return to writing. I won't go into the failed attempts, but in 2006, I came up with the idea that became Counterpoint to Chaos. It's what you get when you mix the deliberate cliche of a blonde Canadian farm boy with a Pakistani girl and throw them into a fantasy world based on Japanese mythology and Asian culture. And there are more adventures in the works for those characters.

While Counterpoint to Chaos is my first novel worthy of being printed, it is not the only one I have completed. As I took breaks from editing it, I have written the first two installments in a five part saga. I have dubbed it the Crystal Deck Saga because all magic is based on crystals and the titles are based on the face cards. What I am focusing on in that saga is the question of evil. Who decides who is evil and does that even mean it is true? I will be focusing on a series of characters. Some start out evil, some end up evil, but in the end, someone has to save the world.

And I have other words and stories in development. One series will be a sort of Amazonian Roman society. Who knows what else I may come up with along the way. Right now I have three written, eight planned, and more looking for plots.

But here, now, we have a beginning. I am awaiting Counterpoint to Chaos to be typeset for ebook and POD paperback and for news of its expected release date. I am in the last phase before I can call myself a published author. A good place to start a blog to mark the beginning.