Thursday, December 6, 2012

The World of the Chanai

Every world created by a fantasy author is, in some or in many ways, different from all others. Two things inspired me in creating the world of the Chanai; the over abundance of European culture and myths in fantasy, and Stephen R. Donaldson's Tomas Covenant series.

I started off with a few good stereotypes, a blonde farm boy and a prophesy. Then I created a world based more on Japanese myths and Asian culture. I probably still have a pretty noticeable western slant, but that is to be expected of someone who grew up in Colorado. However, I also added a decidedly Pakistani female lead character to fill the role of the Chanai in this outing. I have been told by at least one Pakistani reader that I nailed it. I hope that comes across.

Starting with stereotypes and cliches isn't a good thing, but I turn things on end. I should, at this point, warn that I am prone to both reveal and to seek out spoilers. Read on at your own risk. It turns out that the prophesy that everyone has been reciting for a thousand years isn't accurate. New things have crept in and when our current Chanai gets her hands on the original, it is much more helpful. But the job was done. The prophesy gave her power to BE the Chanai and get things done. And the farm boy? He's more the sidekick and he doesn't get the girl (though there more on that later). Things wouldn't happen without him, but Luke Skywalker he ain't.

And I know, I could have just called them vampires, but sucking the soul and the blood just aren't the same. There are no coffins involved or sleeping in the ground, no burning from sunlight, so I called them Ninnun instead. But in most ways, they are vampires.

So, if this all sounds interesting, you should wander over to Smashwords or Amazon (more to follow when Smashwords starts distributing) and pick up a copy of Counterpoint to Chaos. And remember that if I left any loose ends, there is going to be two more books with Nazia and Anton.

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