Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Busy Summer

This has been a truly busy summer for me. Far more so than normal. Work and home have been equally busy and my writing and my online presence have suffered for it. Things should look up this fall.

Just a brief run-down of where I'm at. I had a good start on the sequel to Counterpoint to Chaos, but the busier things got the slower the writing got until I hit a snag. I need some distance from it before I see where I"m at. The good news is that it won't delay when readers will get it. That's because my next two books are already written and just need editing, and I've started the process on the first one. The setting and characters are different, but hopefully just as enjoyable. I'm going to concentrate on editing for the next couple of months and hope to have the first of this new series out by the end of October.

I call this new series the Crystal Deck Saga. It will span five volumes and touch on the nature of good and evil. In the first book, Jack of Troubles, a Ranger is called on to escort an exiled prince to the army waiting to restore him to his ancestral throne. Beset by assassins sent by the Witch Queen all along the way, it is filled with battles and skirmishes leading up to the final confrontation between the Prince and the Queen. The second book, Queen of Darkness, picks up the story seventeen years later. Unfortunately any descriptions will be full of spoilers, but I will say that it features several return characters as well as plenty of new ones. And again, plenty of battles, plus a little romance. The third book, King of Dragons, has yet to be written, but it will again feature several returning characters as well as some new ones. Definitely the Dragon Lord and plenty of dragons. At least in these first three books, the title refers to the aggressor; the Prince (or Jack) taking back his Kingdom, the Queen seeking revenge, the King setting out to conquer.

With any luck the winter will bring with it some opportunity to finish this sequel. But until then, I have some editing to do. During times like right now, when my book is in a reader's hands, I should have a chance to make the occasional post. Until next time then.