Thursday, October 24, 2013

Update - Editing Hell

I figured it was time to post an update, if for no other reason than to explain my general silence online recently. To get right to the point, I've been in editing hell. That is one of the hazards with being a writer.

My second novel has been stewing in a drawer for a while and it was time to pull it out and get it in shape. That's all well and good, but life has put obstacles in the way and it has turned out to be harder than it normally it. The amount of stress I've been under in the non-writing related corners of my life has impacted my writing. I didn't realize that until some of the stress lifted. Then I was like, "Oh my!" (yes, like George Takei).

Well, Jack of Troubles is off to the editor right now and I am stressing over the cover. I had an idea that my cover artist did a rough draft on and now I am rethinking it. Trying to decide between showing the person, or just the sword. And it is harder than just that because this is book 1 of 5 and I want the cover art to be similar.

Since I am new to this, I have been researching ways to improve my sales. I'm also trying to decide if the sequel to Counterpoint to Chaos is headed in the right direction. It is on hold until I get Jack of Troubles polished and released. Right now there is no firm release date, but it should be soon. After I go over all the edits from my editor I need to do an final editing pass to see what else I can catch before it goes in for the final line edit before release. So editing hell is far from over.

On the bright side, I have hit on a marketing plan that might just work. I have a couple of short stories that I had put out a while ago (and if you look for them right now you won't find them) and I am working on writing a third. I plan on bundling the three stories along with the first few chapters of Jack of Troubles and releasing it as an Amazon select ebook. More to follow on that later, but I want to time it so it can help in the marketing for Jack of Troubles.

Even when I get Jack of Troubles done, the editing does not stop. I have the rough draft of the second book, Queen of Darkness, finished and ready for editing plus I need to continue to develop the plot details of the next three books. I have great things in store for the main character, Dara. It won't be obvious in these first two books, but book four is all about her. One nice thing about this series is that I think each book will work on its own, but together they create a much larger and epic story. At least that is the plan.

Hopefully in the near future you will hear from me more often, after I get this round of editing out of the way. Funny how it is usually when I am busy writing that posting to this blog becomes easier. And don't forget, you can always email me or bug me on Facebook if you want a more timely update.